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The Cynthiana– Harrison County– Berry Joint Planning Commission is an active, results-oriented organization whose overall goals are to influence the process of growth and change in the community so that it benefits all citizens and safeguards the heritage of Harrison County and the cities of Cynthiana and Berry’s current and future generations by encouraging the preservation of our valued resources and promoting excellence in quality of life.

The Planning Commission is a body of seven members. Three members are appointed by the Harrison County Judge Executive, three by the Mayor of Cynthiana, and one by the Mayor of Berry. The Commission is supported by a Professional Staff.

The Planning Commission website serves as a starting point  for information. We hope that you find the information that you are seeking and will provide us constructive feedback to help us meet your needs. Thanks for stopping by!

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Local Links

· All information regarding boundaries, insurance letters or general flood plain questions should call: EMA Director and Floodplain Coordinator at 234-7180


· If you need an address for your property please contact the 911 Coordinator at 234-7164


· If you need an encroachment permit you can contact the Transportation Cabinet at 234-5424.


· If you need a site evaluation or sewage permit please contact WEDCO at 234-0241




Beginning August 1, 2018 the Department of Housing, Building and Construction will enforce the new code standards adopted by the state of Kentucky from the 2015 International Residential Code and the 2015 International Building Code. It is mandatory that the implementation of these codes, known as the  2018 Kentucky Residential Code and 2018 Kentucky Building Code, take full effect on August 1, 2018. There are a few changes as well as new adoption of codes that were not in effect in the last Kentucky code cycle (2013 KRC, 2013 KBC). Some examples of the new codes and changes are listed below.


2018 Kentucky Residential Code:


•   R307 - Toilet, Bath and Shower Spaces

•   R326 - Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs

•   R328 - Tiny Houses

•   M1305 – Appliance Access

•   M1403 – Heat Pump Equipment

•   M1416 – Mini-split Heat Pumps

•   M1503 – Range Hoods

•   M1601 – Duct Construction


 2018 Kentucky Building Code:


•   Section 423 – Storm Shelters

•   Section 426 – Combustible Dusts, Grain Processing and Storage

•   Section 433 – Greenhouses

•   Section 505 – Mezzanines and Equipment Platforms

•   Section 603 – Combustible Materials in Types I and II Construction

•   Section 713 – Shaft Enclosures

•   Section 915 – Carbon Monoxide Detection

•   Section 1006 – Number of Exits and Exit Access Doorways

•   Section 1210 – Toilet and Bathroom Requirements


To view each code and its meaning, access the Department of Housing, Building and Construction website at for a formal interpretation of the codes. The 2018 KRC and 2018 KBC can be downloaded and printed from this site address in the Building Codes section for those who wish to have a copy on hand for a quick reference. If you have any questions or need help interpreting the new codes as well as the codes that are already in place please contact Chris Philpot, Harrison County Building Inspector at 859.234.7165 or email at

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